Inward strange band members posing with instruments


Inward Strange are a fairy, an alien spider, and a death god, that came together to form a group of supernatural misfits. Falling to earth on the gloomy night of Halloween during The Great Apocalypse, these odd creatures arose from its ashes to form a Grunge Pop band by day, and to fight evil by night, saving humanity from the shadow spirits that emerged from the underworld.

Supernatural Misfits

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Nexus Strange
  • Bass
  • Death God


Nexus is a Death God, existing to reap the souls of the unfortunate. Before she was cast out of her godly realm to take half-human form, her purpose was to take departed souls to the underworld and maintain the natural cycle of life and death. Living amongst the humans and witnessing their dreams and fears, she vowed to take a more righteous path. However, old habits die hard, and Nexus can struggle with the temptation of reaping a soul, often keeping them in small glass bottles like trophies.

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Halo Strange
  • Vocals
  • Grunge Fairy


Halo is a Faerie that was pulled through the cracks of the vale from an enchanted realm during the great apocalypse. Now an endangered species, her ancestors became prey to The Wolves that hunted her kind for food and sport, leaving her alone to fend for herself. Halo learnt how to shape shift to confuse her enemies and disguise herself, but often shifts regardless as a survival instinct to reflect her mood or the environment. Over time however, Halo has changed so often that she has become confused of her true identity.

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Tim Strange
  • Guitar
  • Alien Spider


Tim is an alien spider that fell to earth on a meteorite that collided with the planet. He grew up orphaned and alone with little understanding of the odd and unfamiliar world in which he found himself in. Often he would just sit completely motionless in a dark corner of a damp brick wall, or spin webs from one rotting wooden beam to the other. Eventually, he found a place in the circus as a freak show attraction, but which was overrun by shadow spirits from the underworld during the great apocalypse.

Inward Strange are on a mission to unite humanity through music despite diversity, towards a world that celebrates our differences, and of other’s outward expression of our own inner strangeness.


It was following The Great Apocalypse, a time when the world was thrown into chaos and all sorts of weird happenings began to occur, that Inward Strange came into being. Cracks had began to form in reality that let all manner of dark beings through. Monsters, creatures and shadow spirits from nether worlds of the Strangeverse, hellbent on causing disharmony to the world and its inhabitants. Amongst these however where three odd creatures of a different sort. Out of step and out of place, lost and lonesome in an unfamiliar world that they did not understand. Through a series of fateful circumstances, these odd creatures joined forces to form Inward Strange, a group of supernatural misfits that combat the wrongs, evils and injustices of the upended cruel world that they have found themselves in. Living together in an old crooked haunted mansion known as Strange Towers, the band venture out into the harsh wilderness that is earth, hunting the fiendish creatures that fell alongside them. Equipped with special abilities, they set out on their misadventures, haphazardly and incompetently confronting monsters as much as attempting to navigate life on earth.


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